[Bows] Out from the sun, into the rain and hail

On Sunday Stephanie and I drove up to Peterborough, Ontario to take part in an Archery Tournament well half of one anyway. We were joined by our Archery Friend Danny Kim, who made the ~2h drive a pleasant adventure. The day itself was a mixture of warm and bright sunny periods, and dark clouds, leading up to some post lunch rain. We only got to shoot the first of the two 720's planned, the second was cancelled due to some lightning, heavy rain and even hail at one point. Later in the day we would get some ice cream, so all in all a good day.

My plan for the tournament was to really focus and push myself on the mental game. My goal was to keep a positive, confident, and focused mental state throughout my perfomance.  My first 6 ends were excellent, and my scorecard reflected that. The later 6 ends didn't live up two the first, as some suboptimal thought patterns snuck in, and while I managed to quench them with positive self talk, rebuilding my focus and confidence is still slo…

[Bows] Double Double, Sunburn Trouble.

This past weekend, Stephanie and I took part in The Archers of Caledon outdoor tournament. We did a double 720 Saturday and a double 720 sunday. A double double 720! (Canadians will get it!)

It was very intense, the most arrows I've shot in a weekend so far, but thanks to our hard work and training over the last couple months, it went well, and I stayed strong and completed it. My scores are not where I'd like them to be, but thats ok.

Performance I shot an average ~400 for each flight, and I'm proud of it, even if it's not where I want to be with my shooting. My focus for the weekend was really trusting my form, and committing mentally to the shots. I was getting good feeling shots, and thats really what I want to be getting out of my archery right now. From my last meeting with my coach, He suggested its time to start getting mental feedback on shots as well as the physical feedback. Paying attention to the mental state I have throughout the shot, from nocking my arr…

[Binary] Planning the next steps

So Tonight I took on a Development task I feel is sometimes overlooked or looked down on. Even now as I'm processing through it, It really feels like I should be doing REAL work. That task that I am doing is.... Planning, Looking at the state of the project, comparing it to the design of the game i am making, and the features I would like to have. I then start breaking down the deficiencies into tasks that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

On my #60daysofdev Journey, I'm planning only to work for about 1h a night, And while I may not be able to break everything into single hour chunks, That is my goal. If I can sit down and crack one thing off my list in a day, steady progress should be the end result.

And with that in mind, here is a snap shot of just a few tasks I will be trying to tackle over the next few weeks.